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Coaching For Performance and Positive Change

What I Offer

Complimentary session: 15 minutes
Let’s talk about your needs, coaching, and how we might work together

Six-Pack: six bi-weekly or weekly sessions
45 minutes by Zoom, in person or by phone
Best for short to mid-term goals, those who need to pivot
Strengths Assessment included

Change Plan: Personalized to help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.
Generally, a three-month engagement. Includes in-depth strengths assessment, development of a clear vision, a focus on overall well-being, work-life balance, Life Design.
Unlimited text and email support, session length and duration to meet your needs.

Mentor Coaching
For ICF Credential, Credential Renewal for ACC, PCC level coaches
Up to ten sessions in no less than three months
Please contact for more details


Mental Game Coaching:
A mental skills program for Athletes, Parents and Coaches
For athletes that want a mental edge, to, perform with greater confidence and excel in competition. Includes: Six one-hour sessions. The Athletes Mental Performance Assessment (in some cases by sport), full summary, Complete range of workbooks covering skills such as Managing Expectations, Focus, Confidence, Letting go of Mistakes, Pre-Competition Routines. Athletes are also provided with pre and post-match assessments. To implement learning while competing. This is a three-month program, completed in person, or Via Zoom or FaceTime. Competition Schedule will be taken into consideration
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