Coaching for Performance and Positive Change


What is Amy Tardio Coaching?

We are an evidence-based, client centered coaching company 100% devoted to increasing your ability to thrive in life, at work, and in your next big transition. Positive Change is discovering meaningful goals for the future and navigating how to get there with a coach every step of the way

Performance Change Plan

We develop strategies for improving all areas of your life, and increasing your output on the things you care about. Starting with your mental and emotional well-being we will set goals and work together to make you the best version of yourself.


When Do You Need A Coach

When you've been “in the zone” or felt the feeling of being in “flow” it is effortless and almost magical. When things go awry, pressure to perform kicks in, and what you once loved has you stuck in your head, overthinking, and often lacking confidence. Systematically we work to help you re-assess your goals and learn the skills to re-engage, perform with confidence and enjoy the process.


Free Consultation

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. If you’re interested to learn more, contact me.

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