Sports Psychology Coaching

“As a Sports Psychology Coach, I work together with an athlete or parent to build a positive training mindset that gets results because it focuses on more than just results.”


Why Hire a Sports Psychology Coach?

There is no question that success in sports is a result of hard-work and good genes but finding the motivation to persevere, especially during tough times, is not that easy. As a sports psychology coach, I work with players much the same way as many athletic coaches. We begin by building trust, talking about goals and revealing strengths. The main difference is that my focus is on an athlete’s thought process, emotions and values, rather than on how technique, tactics and physical conditioning relate to a player’s performance. Creating a balance in an athlete’s life is an important component of being happier and resilient for both players and their families.


Who are typical clients?

Athletes of all ages and levels of performance experience challenges. Common reasons I work with athletes include:

  • Feeling stuck, a lack of enjoyment
  • Burnout
  • Going through a transition such as age, injury, or a change in location or coach
  • A fear of choking, losing, feeling distracted, or tough conditions
  • Creating a more positive training environment
  • A lack of motivation or inability to follow-through on goals


Coaching Parents

Parenting a high-performance athlete can be particularly difficult. Kids go through many transitions in their athletic careers and the role of a parent changes throughout. Coaching a mom or dad toward creating a more positive life experience is deeply rewarding for me. As a parent of a high-performance athlete, I appreciate the inner struggles, the desire for appreciation, the expectation of effort, and the expense of time and money that can drive us to an unreal level of frustration.


Why It Matters

How a parent views a tough loss, a long slump or a results-driven coach can make the critical difference in an athlete’s ability to sustain their passion, resilience and confidence over the long-haul.


How I work with Parents:

Together I work with a parent(s) to create a more positive experience or everyone, in life and in the game. For example we:

  • Create and plan strategies to fulfill the PARENT’S needs
  • Generate positive emotions daily to build resilience in the face of frustration
  • Recognize the pitfalls of praising talent
  • Understand the benefits of social connection and personal wellness while traveling with an athlete
  • Look at the role the child’s sport plays in their emotional life
  • Consider the training environment and whether it supports the child’s best interest and the family’s well-being

“As a former world top-ten tennis player and now a coach of high-performance players, there is no question that getting a player (and his or her parents) in a good mind set is the single most important element in achieving greatness. It is also the most difficult. Amy Tardio will help driven young athletes make clear their emerging goals, help them learn to develop their passion for hard work and negotiate the roadblocks (including those that arise between parent and child) that are inherent in becoming one’s best. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Tim Mayotte: High Performance coach, former #7 World ranked Player, Olympic Silver medalist, USA. Mayotte played tennis for Stanford University in the early-1980s and won the NCAA singles title in 1981.







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