About Positive Psychology

Why I love Positive Psychology

Simply put, positive psychology is about well-being. When applied to individuals, it’s about discovering you at your best; finding meaning in your work, at play and in your relationships. It’s about the pursuit of accomplishment and engagement for it’s own sake…because it’s all about what makes you tick.


Beyond The Science of Happiness

Happiness is a positive emotion. When a baby smiles even strangers find themselves grinning on the inside. Yet, this experience is far more complex than simple happiness, we feel a real sense of meaning, and connection, as we are intuitively drawn to the authenticity of the moment. Positive psychology, like the experience shared when a baby smiles, is a lot more than just being happy.


Positive Psychology Research 

Positive psychology is a science. Unlike many books in the self-help section, research from the field of positive psychology has been rigorously and scientifically studied. Well-Being is a central focus of much of the research in positive psychology. Here are some examples of what research has shown:

  • Positive Experiences Help us Live Well, Play Well and Grow Stronger: Research has shown, the more positive experiences such as being in deeply engaged in an activity or accomplishing a mini-goal, the more we see opportunities to expand our hearts, minds and dreams.
  • Positive Emotions Build Resilience: inspiration, gratitude, love, compassion, hope, pride, curiosity, awe, amusement, We feel these emotions in our hearts, our minds AND our bodies. Our long-term health, resilience, relationships, determination, self-esteem, all benefit.
  • The Good Life is About Meaning: There are a lot of rich and famous, unhappy people. Their hearts are hurting. Goals that are meaningful in more than a superficial way provide lasting fulfillment.


Positive Psychology and Coaching 

Positive psychology, like coaching, is about moving forward rather than dwelling on the past. As a coach I integrate Positive Psychology theory and well-researched coaching applications, such as the VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire, in order to help people move into action and thrive.
Amy is a nationally recognized writer in the field of Positive Psychology 

Amy has been an editor and writer in the health and wellness field for over 20 years. Her latest article, entitled Love Strong, featuring the Super Bowl winning NY Giants, was published on the Huffington Post in early March, 2012. Click here to read.
“Amy’s positive energy and sense of fun is alive in her coaching. Her approach, while rooted in the science of positive psychology, is both intuitive and nonjudgemental. Amy’s clients feel both cared for and understood. Amy is someone you can trust will be with you every step of the way.”

Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC: MentorCoach Trainer, Buddhist Chaplain, Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach. Her work includes coaching TEDFellows from TED.com as well as mentoring student chaplains at Upaya Zen Center. She is currently working in Europe and the Middle East with her international coaching clients.