Professional Coaching for Positive Change

What is coaching?

A coach works with the client to create solutions and strategies to move forward in life. My professional experience as a health and fitness editor, wellness coach and recent academic and journalistic work in positive psychology provide me with a unique background as a coach. My practice is informed by emerging scientific research yet grounded in the real-life obstacles we all experience from time to time that impact overall well-being and our sense of life satisfaction.

Well-Being and Goals

Athletes and artists have long recognized working with a professional coach is necessary to discover and build strengths, maintain focus, learn from setbacks and celebrate successes. Well-being coaching works the same way — goals evolve from a client’s desire to experience lasting fulfillment, a deeper connection to core values and personal strengths.


Have you been thinking about:

• Finding the time to focus on a healthier lifestyle?

• Laughing more and worrying less?

• Relaxing in your body and feeling less stress?

• Finding a balance between what you “have to do” with what you “want to do”?

• Feeling confident in focusing your energy on what’s important to you?

• Experiencing less chaos, overwhelm or burnout?


Coaching Toward Success

Working with a coach is an alliance that provides structure and support. Willpower, as most of us know all too well, only goes so far. The first step toward positive change is starting with what is going right (even if it’s not a lot) – and building from there. The path is not the same for everyone. ”Learning” rather than “judging” is central to growth. Understanding the role the body plays is another important aspect. Lack of sleep, exercise, nutrition and stress are important factors that impact mood, energy, impulsivity, weight and focus.

Examples of how we work together:

• Recognizing what you need to recharge your body, mind and spirit to be successful

• Building a support system

• Understanding why a goal is meaningful to you

• Taking “can’t” out of the equation

• Deciding on steps you WILL do vs. what you should do

• Creating routines that you decide work within your current circumstances

• Focused, non-judgemental, coaching sessions

• Planning for setbacks

• Email support


A renewed sense of meaning, a healthier body and greater enjoyment in life are goals you owe it to yourself to take charge of.